New Gallery Show appearance! Surreal Salon 14, January 2022

By on December 4th, 2021
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For the third time, one of my art pieces has been accepted to appear in the annual Surreal Salon show at the Baton Rouge Gallery – Center for Contemporary Art. I’m so happy to have been selected out of more than 400 submissions this year.

The entry that was selected is The Egg (All Things Are Alive 29) shown below and found in my gallery here:

This year’s judge is the amazingly talented Carrie Ann Baade who personally selected each work to be included in the exhibition.  

Baade is an American painter whose work quotes from, interacts with, and deeply relates to art history. Baade paints in dialogue with relevant masterpieces in order to reclaim them in a surreal narrative that is simultaneously biographical. Baade received her BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, studied at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, and received her MFA from the University of Delaware. She works in Tallahassee, where she is a full Professor of Painting and Drawing at Florida State University. 

Since 2005, Baade has had more than 20 solo exhibitions at museums and other venues nationally and internationally. Her exhibits include: Mesa Contemporary Museum of Art (2018), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville (2012), the Delaware Contemporary (2007), La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles (2018), and the Ningbo Art Museum in China (2007). Her works have also been exhibited at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the Harwood Museum in Taos, the Instituto de America de Santa Fe in Granada in Spain, and the Centrum Promocji Kultury Warszawa Praga Południe in Poland.

The Egg (All Things Are Alive 29)
The Egg (All Things Are Alive 29)

Psychedelic Portraits: My new art store on Etsy

By on September 18th, 2017
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I’ve opened an Etsy store to sell custom, commissioned portraits and abstract art as well as finished pieces. Find it here: Psychedelic Art by Commission

I seek through my art to represent the life and movement that makes up the entire universe. There is no surface or area of space that is not filled with energy and movement; quantum particles pop in and out of existence even in deepest space. It’s the quantum foam of existence. So through my detailed marker drawings, I am representing this endless energy and the unity of animate and inanimate objects—at a subatomic level, it is all one. Matter is just one form of energy. I’m creating a sensation of life through inorganic abstract shapes.

The drawings are on acid-free archival paper with a variety of markers. I take anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks on each piece, working with a magnifying glass to produce very fine lines.

Psychedelic Abstract Art 2

Psychedelic Abstract Art 3

Psychedelic Portrait 1