Portrait of Robert Mueller.

I made this original art as an homage to a man who I thought was going to make a difference. Sadly, his effort to enforce justice was half-hearted, and he allowed the Trump regime to roll-over his investigations. Still, it was a nice drawing if one that was overly optimistic.

This is available for purchase. It is 9″ x 12″ and drawn on acid-free archival paper with a variety of markers. I work with a magnifying glass to produce very fine lines.

By request, select framing if you would like me to frame it–I use either black or white matte and frame with museum-quality glass to reduce reflection and prevent color change in light. Please note, if you request framed, it will take an extra two weeks to frame it. Unframed, I will be able to ship same week as ordered.



I seek through my art to represent the life and movement that makes up the entire universe. There is no surface or area of space that is not filled with energy and movement; quantum particles pop in and out of existence even in deepest space. It’s the quantum foam of existence. So through my detailed marker drawings, I am representing this endless energy and the unity of animate and inanimate objects—at a subatomic level, it is all one. Matter is just one form of energy. I’m creating a sensation of life through inorganic abstract shapes.

Format & Finish